MICHELIN 12310 4X4/SUV Digital Tyre Inflator Direct Drive Technology

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This is a high-performance rapid digital tyre inflator from Michelin. It is suitable for 4X4, SUV’s, Caravans and trailers. It saves you the time and the manual efforts required in inflating a tyre as it can completely inflate a tyre within minutes. It comes with a long power cord that can be connected to the cigarette lighting port and an adaptor of your automobile.

  •  Compactable with all SUV's, 4x4's and Trailers.
  •  Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI.
  •  0-35 PSI in approx 2:45 minutes.*
  •  Switchable between PSI, BAR & kPa.
  •  Bleed valve.
  •  White LCD display.
  •  Tyre valve storage.