About Us

About Super Tyre Tec

Super Tyre Tec (STT) is a leading, India based tyre and accessories distributor started in 1971. Growing beyond its initial tyre distribution origins, Super Tyre Tec has expanded to become the exclusive all India distributor for Michelin Lifestyle Limited, a member of the Michelin Group of Companies.  Michelin Lifestyle products include automotive accessories and footwear, supporting Michelin's mission to sustainably improve the mobility of goods and people.  Super Tyre Tec is headquartered in Bangalore, India. 

The firm realized the potential of the Indian accessories market and wanted to quench the thirst for quality accessories products which were elusive at that time. That is the reason for Super Tyre Tec, joining hands with Michelin Lifestyle Limited, based in the UK to bring in their automotive accessories to India. In the year 2013, Super Tyre Tec becomes the official distributors of Michelin automotive accessories, a category of Michelin Lifestyle products for entire India. Since then there has been on looking back for both Michelin And Super Tyre Tec. Stage by stage, after careful planning Super Tyre Tec brought in Different verticals of the accessories starting with Inflation products, followed Car care and air fresheners. Recently the firm has introduced the Michelin range of Wiper Blades- Traditional and Hybrid. Going forward, Super Tyre Tec has decided to increase the range of the existing verticals and introduce new verticals like automotive bulbs and car mats.


About Michelin Lifestyle

In addition to its tyre business and world-famous maps and guides, Michelin now offers a range of Lifestyle Products via Michelin Lifestyle Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Michelin Group. Michelin Lifestyle was established in the year 2000 to increase the recognition of Michelin brand and to develop closer relationship with consumers. Michelin Lifestyle represents more than 75 licensing partnerships worldwide; sales in over 85 countries and through more than 30,000 outlets, including the leading automotive accessory chains.

Michelin Lifestyle presents a complete lifestyle range that compliments every facet of one’s personality. A large range of lifestyle products are designed to help people on the move and in their everyday life. Today the range comprises of five broad product categories which includes Car Auto accessories, Cycle Accessories, Mobike Accessories & Truck Accessories apart from Footwear, Gift & Collectibles.